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  • "Rocket Punch Creator's Spotlight interviews Red Crow Comics' Julian Jay Burton: www.rocketpunchgo.com/creatorspotlight/09

  • "Red Crow Comics will be at the Huntsville Comic Con, March 30th & 31st."

  • "Red Crow Comics titles Bermuda City and Salta are available at The Deep, Comics & Games: www.deepcomics.com"

  • "Red Crow Comics now at the Limestone Flea Market, Sundays & Saturdays: 9am - 5pm."

  • "Salta teaser issue 2!"

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Welcome to Red Crow Comics, A unique group of characters

Red Crow Comics is a comic book publishing house, featuring a unique group of characters for avid comic lovers.

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Interviews & Reviews

New Web Series: Bermuda City, An Undead Backbrain Exclusive Interview

"It seems that web series have replaced the old serials that were, once upon a time, screened before movies at the local cinema. The latest is a noirish thriller called Bermuda City, produced, written and directed by Julian Jay Burton, who also features in it in an acting role."
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Year of the Crow: Harvest writer poised to unleash superheroes into world of comic books.
Paul Huggins - AOL.COM | phuggins@al.com

If you're not familiar with Burton or his label, Red Crow Comics, it's because he's still fairly new to the world of graphic novels and superhuman heroes, but the past few years he's been re-awakening the characters and stories he envisioned as a child growing up in Massachusetts.
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Comic book world needs non-sex symbol super heroine, says Harvest writer of new 'Salta' series
Paul Huggins - AOL.COM | phuggins@al.com

Harvest resident Jay Burton has released his first superhero comic book series called Salta. He said he wanted to create a female super heroine that wasn't overly feminine or exploited, while also giving her a sense of independency, versus a supporting role amongst a large group of super heroes which could shadow her potential.
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Following superheroes' Hollywood approach, Harvest writer making feature film to promote Red Crow Comics

Julian Jay Burton has a lot patience.

Or maybe as writer, director, actor and producer of the feature film "Dormant," he has a lot on his mind and relishes the lengthy film shots from different angles that portray him motionless in deep meditation.
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Springfield native Julian Jay Burton launches 'Salta,' new comic book with female protagonist

By George Lenker

"My late grandmother, Blessie Burton, was a retired kindergarten teacher by the time I moved back to Springfield in 1993," he said. "It's funny because she used to make me read for punishment. Didn't like it then, but greatly appreciate it now. It's a great contribution to my craft and drive as a storyteller. It taught me discipline, detail, consistency and determination. You definitely need those ingredients as a writer."
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Superhero to the Rescue

By Catherine Godbey Staff Writer

Meet Julian Jay Burton — writer, actor, director and comic book creator.

His special power: imagination. As a child, Julian Jay Burton traveled with Batman through Gotham City, with Superman through the halls of The Daily Planet and with Ghost Rider on a fiery motorcycle. “I loved comic books as a kid. My best friend and I grew up collecting them. We would create our own characters and adventures,” Burton said.
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